Based on more than 10 years of cumulative experience with our professional team headed by Cumali Varer, we operate in film and television production, as well as event creativity, organization, and production all around the world, mostly in European countries.

The creator and producer of the Barbaresque, which will be released all over the world, Cumali Varer is the producer of the 13-episode Olympic Life and 2-episode Solidarity TV programs as well.

He is the creator and organizer of the Cap Istanbul sailing races, which included in the French Championship of Solo Offshore Racing in the Figaro-Bénéteau circuit and covered 1600 nautical miles from France to Turkey via Italy and Greece. Also, the Europa Race sailing race, also known as European Tour, which is in the World Offshore Championship in the IMOCA circuit and covered 3900 nautical miles from Istanbul to Brest via Nice and Barcelona, is created and organized by him.